Unarmed Security Guard - Kansas City

Does your Kansas City Business Need an Unarmed Security Guard?

Unarmed Security Guard Kansas City If you manage a facility in the Kansas City area, you probably already know you need security. But choosing the right level of security to maximize your budget is not easy. A major decision is whether to get armed or unarmed security guards. There are not many businesses in the Kansas City metro area that require an armed guard. Consider an unarmed security guard if you own or manage any of the following type of locations:

  • Schools

  • University Campus

  • Hotels

  • Motels

  • Residential communities

  • Warehouses

  • Construction sites

  • Malls

  • Retail shops

  • Office buildings

At Twin City Security of Kansas City (TCS-Kansas City), we offer skilled unarmed security guards trained to match your facility needs.

Benefits of Choosing an Unarmed Security

When choosing security, protecting the people and assets are the primary goal. But you must work within a set budget. The expert management team at TCS-Kansas City will help you analyze the specific risks to your facility based on location, industry, and clientele. Hiring armed guards costs more than unarmed ones because they require special permits and training.

Unarmed Security Guards Protect Kansas Citians from many Hazards

Many people do not understand how unarmed security guards make a large impact on safety and security. Having a uniformed security guard visible has many benefits including:

  • Both workers and customers will feel better if they know some place is guarded. When workers feel safe they are more productive and customers will buy more when they feel safe.

  • Most vandals and shoplifters avoid challenges and don't target places with a vigilant security guard.

But it is not the uniform that protect people. Our TCS-Kansas City unarmed security guards proactively take many steps to maintain people's safety and security. Unarmed security guards duties include:

  • Monitoring workers and visitors, especially in large office buildings. People think about consequences more when they know their actions are being witnessed.

  • Checking alarm systems on a regular basis for optimum efficiency and functionality.

  • Reporting any security problems, including reports about maintenance issues that need to be fixed. Don't send an invitation to vandals by neglecting to get a fence mended or replace a burnt out light bulb.

  • Responding to emergencies quickly. They are trained to help and then can call additional emergency services when needed. A guard's fast response times can be difference between life and death, especially in acute medical situations. With fires, a quick response changes what could have been a catastrophic loss into an inconvenience.

  • Patrolling the outside and inside of the building, at both regular and irregular intervals.

  • Planning evacuation routes to keep people safe during fires, tornadoes, floods, chemical spills, or carbon monoxide leaks.

Don't gamble with your most valuable possessions

If you think not having any security guards will save you money, think again. In fact there are many cost savings associated with having unarmed security guards. Consider the following questions:

  1. If you lose a significant part of the inventory, would it be a huge financial setback to your business?

  2. Would an interruption to the normal course operations affect your profit margins?

  3. Are you financially responsible for the security of the people in your premises?

  4. Can you afford to be sued?

If your answers are no, make sure to secure your facilities and people on it. Many insurance companies actually give significant discounts for having our security guards on the premises.

TCS-Kansas City Unarmed Guards are a Practical Solution

Our management team will provide you with all the necessary information to help you make the best decision for your location.

Call us at 913-831-2525 for your no risk assessment.