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Unarmed Security in Kansas City is a Cost-Effective Security Solution

Unarmed Security Guard Kansas City

Very few businesses in Kansas City need armed security guards. Unless you have a large inventory of valuables or a highly sensitive environment, unarmed security guards are usually enough. Most businesses can save a significant amount of money and still get excellent coverage by using unarmed security.

Twin City Security Provides High Level Unarmed Security Guards

Twin City Security in Kansas City (TCS-Kansas City) trains unarmed security guards to deter property crimes and unsavory behavior. Our guards also help prepare for and minimize damage due to natural emergencies such as tornados, floods and fires. TCS-Kansas City’s unarmed security guards get thorough training in security skills such as:

  • Patrolling effectively

  • Investigating potential security threats
  • Staying within confines of the law
  • Monitoring access and egress areas
  • Monitoring alarms and closed-circuit television
  • Being sensitive to privacy and ethical considerations
  • Responding to and controlling fires
  • Responding to medical emergencies

  • Deescalating civil disturbances, like fights and aggressive behavior

  • Understanding cultural diversity

  • Communicating effectively

  • Writing reports for management

Our proprietary training courses of unarmed security guards are part of the secret to our success in the Kansas City area. After a guard graduates from our training course, they continue to receive training on the job site.

You will appreciate knowing that your valuables and people are watched over and secure. The peace of mind that comes with security allows everyone to be more productive and contributes to having a positive morale. Not having security can be very expensive.

Contracting with Twin City Security for Unarmed Security May Save Money

Every facility manager in Kansas City and Fort Worth must work within the confines of a budget. If you are thinking about not having security to save money, think again.

  • How costly would it be to lose a significant portion of your inventory?

  • How costly would it be to have a prolonged interruption to normal business?

  • How costly would it be to lose valuable staff?

  • Are you financially liable for the safety of people on your premises?

  • How costly would it be to face a lawsuit?

Insurance companies know that having a well-trained security guard on the premises significantly reduces the likelihood of incurring crippling expenses. Ask your insurance company about their liability policies and discounts available for having unarmed security guards.

If you are thinking about hiring your own security guards, talk to us first. Since security is our only business, we know how to operate without wasting resources and time. Most facility managers have too many other responsibilities to effectively hire, train and manage security personnel. What is your time worth?

Contact Us for Unarmed Security Solutions

Did you know something as simple as a burned-out light bulb makes a big impact on safety? Our unarmed guards help you identify and maintain order and a safe environment for your property and people. Contact us to discuss whether unarmed security guards are the right solution for you.

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