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Secure Your Kansas City Construction Site with Twin City Security

Construction Security Kansas CityConstruction site security deters your property from theft, vandalism and trespassing. Don’t leave your property, materials, equipment or people at risks of injury or loss. Instead, invest in experienced and knowledgeable construction security services.

Twin City Security Kansas City (TCS-Kansas City) is locally owned and operated. This positions us to offer a customized approach for construction security in the Kansas City metro area.

With over 40 years of private security experience, we understand what’s required to keep your construction site secure.

TCS-Kansas City Construction Security Protocols

  • Regular or irregular patrols for both the interior and exterior of properties
  • Controlled access via badges or IDs for entrances and exits
  • Emergency response to fires or other emergencies
  • Loss prevention plans

A combination of technology solutions and trained security patrols work to meet the security needs of your specific property or facility.

Understand Your Construction Site Safety Risks

Smart security planning can greatly decrease theft, trespassing and vandalism losses at construction sites. When unauthorized people enter the construction site, it poses a significant safety hazard.

If unauthorized individuals become injured, even when trespassing, management can be held responsible. Minimize your risks! Don’t lose time or money on your unguarded construction site.

Trespassing and Vandalism

Trespassing and vandalism are common problems for construction site management. Both after hours and at busy or congested construction sites, it can be difficult to manage who is authorized to be on the property.

Instead, regulate traffic on the property with a proven construction security strategy. We work with you to incorporate the right security plan.


Construction site theft is a major source of lost revenue for management. With costly equipment and valuable materials often left unsecure, construction sites are easy targets for thieves.

At TCS-Kansas City, our approach includes both technology and personnel for maximum security while keeping your budget in mind.

Customized Kansas City Construction Security Services

TCS-Kansas City works with you to address potential safety and security issues. We build customized solutions to meet your unique needs. Together, we design and implement an individual construction security program.

For commercial construction sites, controlled access is critical to avoid property loss and injury of both authorized or unauthorized individuals. For residential construction, especially in large new subdivisions, preventing trespassing and vandalism is key to avoiding lawsuits and downtime.

Our experience spans all types and sizes of construction sites, making us an industry leader in construction security. From urban commercial sites to suburban residential construction, we have a security solution for you.

Contact Us Today to Invest in Construction Security

At TCS-Kansas City, we prioritize the safety and security of your construction site. We’re dedicated to serving our local community with excellent customer service, training and support.

We work hard to meet or exceed industry standards and our clients’ expectations. Let us put our quality and experience to work for you.

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