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Combine Security with a Welcoming Presence

Doorman Security Kansas CityKansas City is the largest city in Missouri and the third largest in Kansas. Crime and problems occur in every major city and Kansas City is no exception.

Smart business owners and facility managers take security precautions and safety seriously. But, a security guard does not need to feel intimidating to the guests of your establishment. At Twin City Security Kansas City (TCS-Kansas City), we offer the perfect solution – concierge security or doormen.

Our doormen operate with a Midwestern style of friendliness and a ready, helpful hand. Yet, they never forget their primary duties of safety and security of the people they serve.

Typical Doorman Duties and Responsibilities

At TCS-Kansas City, we match the uniform and security duties to the facility’s specific needs. Most clients prefer our doormen to wear the professional look of a blazer with the TCS badge, slacks, tie, high gloss shoes and a belt.

A doorman’s duties vary widely based on the industry and location. For example, an exclusive residential community monitors the identities of guests more closely than a hotel lobby.

With our expertise across many industries, we guide you to detailing the appropriate doorman responsibilities.

Doorman Operational Responsibilities

  • Patrolling the premises

  • Controlling the access of key points of entry and egress

  • Checking identification of visitors before allowing entry

  • Keeping a detailed report or a log of all visitors or employees

  • Detailing any incidents in a report

  • Responding to disorderly conduct

  • Using technology to monitor a large facility

  • Inspecting safety equipment and alarm systems

  • Designing evacuations
  • Keeping people calm and peaceful

  • Common courtesy actions, like opening the door and greeting

  • Assisting the disabled or elderly

  • Providing directions

  • Maintaining an overall sense of order

  • Escorting employees or the public to their car

  • Accepting packages

Common Kansas City Professional Concierge Clients

TCS-Kansas City Doormen Work as a Team

Even if your facility only needs one doorman for limited hours, the security guard is still part of a team. Doorman work in coordination with any on-site employees.

  • Supervise any in-house security personnel staff
  • Confer with management

  • Manage any special function or event

  • Fill in a gap of service if your regular doorman has an emergency

Every TCS-Kansas City doorman has the full backup of the 24-hour dispatch center. If your facility ever has a situation needing management oversight or extra manpower, you or the doorman only need to call the dispatch center. When necessary, we will send backup or a field supervisor to your facility promptly.

Ask Us If our Concierge Service is a Good Fit for Your Establishment

If you have been considering hiring a single doorman or several doormen, talk to us first. If you already have a doorman, but you need assistance with extra hours or management, call us.

Contracting with TCS-Kansas City for your doorman services provides the highest level of value. We do all the training, managing and human resource work involved with the security guard.

Call today at 913-831-2525 to schedule a consultation.

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