Security Guards - Kansas City

Choosing the Right Level of Security Guard in Kansas City

Security Guards Kansas City At Twin City Security of Kansas City (TCS-Kansas City) we provide security guards for many types of facilities. Every industry, location, and physical property in Kansas City is different. Special events have a unique set of security guard needs. Our management and assessment teams understand the neighborhoods and industries in this great city and the security risks associated with them. We help owners and managers chose the appropriate security solution. We have three levels of security guards to choose from.

Every Level of TCS-Kansas City Guard Represents Quality

Every guard wearing the TCS-Kansas City uniform has been thoroughly screened and trained to deter crime, prevent accidents, and handle emergencies. Security guards are classified as a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 according to their levels of expertise. This keeps costs down for many Kansas City locations. Some larger facilities may need a team of guards with a variety of levels. Whatever the scope of your needs, our talented force of guards ready are to meet them.

Level 1 guards are also called watchmen. They are skilled at:

  • Controlling access

  • Staying vigilant for unusual activity

  • Patrolling

  • Responding quickly to many types of emergencies

  • Acting within the confines of civilian law enforcement

  • Communicating with the public, managers, and other key individuals

Kansas City facilities using watchmen include:

  • Economy hotels and motels

  • Warehouses

  • Construction sites

  • Trucking terminals

  • Industrial facilities

  • Residential Communities

Level 2 guards, or public relations officers, have all the skills of a watchman, plus:

  • Interacting with the public

  • Working in technical environments

  • Writing reports

  • Monitoring CCTV

Kansas City facilities using public relations officers include:

  • Retail shops and stores

  • Office buildings

  • Malls

  • Schools

  • Industrial plants

  • Hotels

  • Apartments

  • Gated Communities and HOAs

Level 3 guards, or advanced guards, may be armed or unarmed. They are the highest level of security guard and get advanced training in sophisticated technology and public relations and have several years of experience. Kansas City facilities using advanced officers include:

  • Banks

  • Events

  • Pharmacies

  • Hospitals

  • Government or private enterprises with sensitive information

  • Airports

How TCS-Kansas City Employ the Best Guards

Maintaining our excellent reputation depends on the professionalism of our security guards. To attract and retain the best guards in the city we offer a competitive compensation package and give them the professional training to be successful at their job site. Facility managers switching from in-house security to contracting with TCS-Kansas City are often concerned about putting their beloved guard out of a job. Our transition team tries to hire those guards as new employees of TCS-Kansas City. They are usually very happy with their new employment status. Guards with job security and job satisfaction translates into superior service for clients. Security guards remaining in the same location are more effective than new guards for several reasons.

  1. They are more familiar with day to day operations and more likely to notice unusual activity.

  2. They get to know the people so they can spot someone who doesn't belong.

  3. They get to know the facility quirks.

  4. They become more efficient and effective with experience.

  5. They become familiar with your company culture, so their interpersonal interactions represent the core values of your business.

  6. They develop a sense of loyalty to the well-being of your personnel.

You Don't Have to Make the Decision Alone

We don't expect you to know how many guards or what level of guards you need when you call us. We are experts in the field and will guide you to make the decision that optimizes your budget and gets you the level of protection you need.

Call us on 913-831-2525 to discuss your security guard needs today.