Armed Security Guard - Kansas City

Twin City Armed Security Guards Promise Peace of Mind for Kansas City

Armed Security Guard Kansas City Crime is often connected with violence. Well-trained and highly skilled armed security guards prevent criminals from targeting your business. Our Kansas City clients are safe in the hands of Twin City Security (TCS-Kansas City). Our armed security guards are screened, licensed, and capable.

Smart Businesses Prepare For the Worst

Businesses prone to being burglarized are at the highest risk for being the victim of violence. The irrational behavior that accompanies burglary is unpredictable. The situation can arise in an instant, putting your customers, patrons, and employees in sudden and clear danger.

Our armed security guards are trained to recognize, evaluate, and react appropriately to a variety of stressful situations. Sometimes an armed response is the only effective response. Our guards use specific criteria to decide what the minimal level of force would be for eliminating an imminent threat. They get practice making that judgement call quickly and under stress.

Know Your Risk and Increase Your Safety

Statistics show some businesses are at greater risk than others. If you own or manage a high-risk business in Kansas City, talk with us to see if armed security guards are the best solution. High-risk businesses include:

  • Retail shops that close late, or operate 24 hours a day.

  • Stores with valuable merchandise such as jewelry and electronics.

  • Convenience stores and gas stations

  • Stores selling controlled merchandise like, liquor stores and pharmacies.

  • Stores with cash vaults, like banks, pawn shops and, services to cash checks.

It is the responsibility of the business owner to protect employees and customers. Armed guards from TCS-Kansas City with in-depth training and professional response could save you and those around you from being the target of burglary.

TCS-Kansas City Armed Security Guards Keep People Safe at Events

Businesses are not the only ones at risk for being the victim of violence. Creating a gathering is usually a lot of fun. But, sometimes people in crowds do things they wouldn't do in ordinary situations. Heated arguments can quickly get out of hand. Our TCS-Kansas City guards are trained in crowd management. They also have the training to use force to deter violence, when necessary. Just like businesses, some events are more prone to volatile situations than others.

High-risk factors for disorderly conduct at events are:

  • People using drugs or drinking alcohol

  • People with passionate opposing viewpoints, like at a political demonstration

  • Being in a territory with a strong gang presence

At concerts, sporting events, rallies and other big events, TCS-Kansas City armed security guards keeps everyone on their best behavior.

Office Managers Employ Armed Security Guards in Stressful Times

The office should be a safe environment. But it can also be a place of potentially high stress. Consider contracting with TCS-Kansas City for armed security guards when your office is experiencing:

  • Laying people off

  • Restructuring the hierarchy or location of workers

  • Dealing with harassment among the workers

  • Uncovering fraud

  • Firing volatile workers for poor performance

Protect All Your Assets with Twin City Security

When you contract TCS-Kansas City you get:

  • Rigorous screening

  • State licenses and insurance for carrying a weapon

  • Highest standards of training and oversight

  • Years of experience in Kansas City

  • Peace of mind

Call 913-831-2525 today and we will tailor a security option that suits your situation exactly.