Private Security - Kansas City

Why Facility Managers Contract with Twin City Security of Kansas City

Twin City Security (TCS-Kansas City) provides on-site security guards to protect people and assets at businesses, public spaces, and events throughout the metro area. We are a private security company, owned and managed locally. Clients appreciate us for the value and customized security solutions we offer. Property managers have a responsibility to think about "what-if" scenarios like tornados, floods, vandals, burglars, fire, and crime.

Don't gamble with your most valuable possessions

There are actually cost savings associated with having security guards. Many insurance companies give discounts for having our security guards on the premises. Hiring a private security company significantly reduces the likelihood that you will be sued for negligence of foreseeable events. It also shifts some of the legal liability for employee and customer safety to us. Security guards help avoid any disasters with preventative measures. In unavoidable disaster situations, the quick response of a security guard helps people get to safety and minimizes catastrophic losses of valuables.

Consider the following questions:

  1. If you were to lose a significant part of the inventory at your facility, would it be a huge financial setback to your business?

  2. Would an interruption to the normal course of operations affect your profit margins and/or your quality of life?

  3. Are you financially, legally, or morally responsible for the security of the people in your premises?

Choosing Contract Security or In-House Security

After deciding employing security guards is a prudent investment, you must decide if you are qualified to manage security guards yourself. Most facility managers do not have a strong background in security and decide to contract with a private company. As a private security company we provide capable guards and take care of all hiring, training, and managing of the guards. Most facility managers prefer to concentrate on other aspects of their job. For small to medium size facilities, contracting with a private security guard company is typically less expensive than having your own team.

TCS-Kansas City - a Step above the Rest

Congratulations. You decided to hire a private security company to protect the people and assets in your charge. Now, you must find the private security company right for the job. At TCS-Kansas City, we retain almost 100% of our security guards and our clients because we treat people with respect and have high standards for excellence.

Our qualities and core values include:

  • Co-operation and Collaboration - Our management team and 24/7 dispatch center is a resource to clients and on-site security guards.

  • Proactive solutions - Our guards and our management team are always looking to improve safety and performance. We don't wait for problems to arise.

  • Responsive - When you have concerns, just pick up the phone. Very quickly you will get to the person with the authority to address your concern. Working with a locally owned and managed company means you don't have to wade through undue bureaucracy.

  • Customizable - Get the security package tailored to your facility needs.

  • Skilled - Officers wearing the TCS badge are prepared to handle a variety of situations.

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