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Businesses Trust Guards Wearing the Twin City Security Badge

At Twin City Security (TCS-Kansas City), we know facility managers and business owners shop around before choosing a security solution. Finding a Kansas City security company offering both excellent customer service and reliable protection has gotten easier since TCS-Kansas City arrived. Whether you are looking for special event security or on-going security, we have a variety of options.

We are the Best Kansas City Security Company for:

  • Armed Guards

  • Remote Surveillance

  • Public Relations

  • Fire Watch

  • Gatekeeping

  • Safety and Security Specialists

  • Doormen

  • Patrolling Services

  • Uniformed Guards for a visible deterrent

  • Marked Vehicle Patrol

Every guard wearing the TCS-Kansas City badge successfully completed a comprehensive training program. Guards with exceptional work records earn the opportunity to for promotion. Guards pursuing a Level 2 or Level 3 certificate take additional classes to perform responsibilities requiring more technical and interpersonal skills. Level 2 and Level 3 guards can do such things as:

  • Extensive public relation duties

  • Operate high end technology

  • Generate reports

  • Monitor safety equipment and hazardous waste

  • Develop emergency preparedness plans

  • Work as a team with facility management

TCS-Kansas City Focuses on Quality and Consistency

TCS-Kansas City clients are not just getting security guards with superior training. Our management team provides clients with a network of support systems. These support systems are the secret to our client satisfaction. This is a sample of what our management team does for our clients:

  • Ongoing supervision and quality control of security guard performance, appearance, and professional development.

  • Regular on-site visits to proactively offer security assistance.

  • 24/7 support from the dispatch center to ensure consistent surveillance.

  • Help transition from previous security system to TCS-Kansas City.

  • Provide on-site training to new security guards.

  • Evaluate the physical property for potential security risks.

  • Research industry specific security needs, especially important for high tech and industrial plants.

  • Communicate frequently with the site management team.

  • Offer incentive programs to guards to go above and beyond client expectations.

  • Ask for client feedback to continually improve our performance.

  • Hire security guards already employed on the premises, whenever possible.

Customized Client Contracts are the Rule, not the Exception

Every business, every location, every building has unique security solutions. At TCS-Kansas City we build every security plan to reflect the security risks, safety risks, and the company culture of individual sites. With our professional guidance clients can choose things such as:

  • Style of security guard uniform

  • Level of public interaction and assistance

  • Primary and secondary duties of the officers

  • What level guard (Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3) is most appropriate

  • When unarmed guards are cost effective

Who are Our Clients?

We serve local businesses and government properties on both sides of the river. Our client list includes:

Experience the TCS-Kansas City Difference

We are the Kansas City security company that other security guard companies try to match. We would love to show you the benefits of using us for all your private security guard needs. It's best if you hear it from one of our clients, though. Call us on 913‑831‑2525 to get the name of one our current clients, so they can tell you about using TCS-Kansas City.

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